What does SodaLitas do?

Sodalitas is a Latin word meaning "association, fraternity." and is intended for venue owners & managers in Second Life to create an online repository of information that may be useful in the day to day operation & security of venues.

Owners/managers themselves will post information so it's timely & not reliant on waiting for a third party to make the data available.

It is not intended that this becomes an information source curated by one venue or one person but by all it's users.

The information shared on SodaLitas is intended to supplement the information provided by "in-world" groups and create a lasting "timeline" of that information. It's hoped that it will allow a reliable means of discussion of issues compared to group chat, Facebook or Discord. It is intended that SodaLitas will also become a means of disseminating useful information to club owners such as "the best donation jar, the best streams, how to run a successful raffle". We don't expect venues to give away all the juicy reasons behind their success but to create a community of trust between venues.

All venues have "lists" of people we won't employ or we know are "troublemakers" & we want to share those names with other owners/venues to save them the time & effort that gets soaked up by dealing with these people who frankly play SL to create drama & division and NOT be part of a community.

SodaLitas is NOT a blacklist site
Blacklist - noun
a list of people or things that are regarded as unacceptable or untrustworthy and should be excluded or avoided.

The information on SodaLitas will be posted freely by venue owners so that others can make a value judgment when new staff apply for jobs or when drama breaks out. The information can be read & acted upon or read and ignored - it is NOT a condition of using SodaLitas that you act upon the information provided. Our hope is that by being better informed about potential troublemakers that your Second Life is a bit less hassle.

Registration to SodaLitas is required to read the information here and is open only to venue owners & their managers - it is NOT open to everyone & so we will verify all requests to register